Your Car Should Have This Feature – Automatic Brake Hold02:57

Published on September 18, 2017

Brake hold function
■If the brake pedal is left released for a period of about 3 minutes after the system has started holding the brake, the parking brake will be set automatically. In this case, a warning buzzer sounds and a message is shown on the multi-information display.
To turn the system off while the system is holding the brake, firmly depress the brake pedal and press the button again.

The brake hold function may not hold the vehicle when the vehicle is on a steep incline.
●In this situation, it may be necessary for the driver to apply the brakes. A warning buzzer will sound and the multi-information display will inform the driver of this situation. If a warning message is shown on the multi-information display, read the message and follow the instructions.When the parking brake is set automatically while the system is holding the brakes. The parking brake will not be released automatically. With the brake pedal depressed, release the parking brake by operating the parking brake switch, making sure that the parking brake indicator light goes off.

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