2017 / 2018 Toyota Highlander Limited AWD Review and In Depth Tutorial Best Toyota SUV 3rd Row24:57

Published on October 10, 2017

**CORRECTION** The black button on the back hatch opens the glass. I indicated that it locks the doors. Sorry about that!!

In this video we’ll take a detailed look at the 2017 Toyota Highlander Limited AWD. After watching this video you will know more about the Highlander than any Toyota Salesperson! You will also find the information extremely applicable if you already own a 2016 OR 2017 Toyota highlander! Thank you for watching and I hope this helps you enjoy your ride!

Time Stamps-
0:55 Key Fob
1:44 Rear Storage/3rd Row Seats
2:40 Backup Camera/Rear Glass Release Button
3:22 Wheels/Tires
4:23 Blind Spot Monitor
4:59 Engine/Under the Hood
5:48 LED Daytime Running Lights
6:39 Rear Power Outlets
6:43 Rear Seats and Interior Features
8:18 Airbags
8:34 2nd Row Seat Operation
9:46 Driver’s Door Features
10:41 Driver’s Seat Cushion Extender
11:37 Dash
12:38 Driving Mode Buttons
13:20 Center Console Storage
14:39 Heated Seat Controls
14:44 Backup Camera
15:45 Steering Wheel Controls-Left Side
16:04 Steering Wheel Controls-Right Side
16:17 Start-Up
16:30 Turn Signals/Lights Stalk
17:10 Intelligent Automatic High Beam Lights
17:46 Windshield Wiper Stalk
18:28 Multi-Information Display
18:50 Sway Warning/Lane Departure Alert
19:26 Radar Cruise Control/Setting Following Distance
19:54 Center Display Infotainment
20:16 Driver Easy Speak
21:46 Radio Controls
22:47 Climate Control System
23:45 Map Lights/Homelink/Sunroof Controls



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